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Welcome to Matty’s Carpet Cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning company based in Denver. Carpets act like a filter for your home, picking up all sorts of dust, odors, spills and more. Like all good filters, your carpet needs a good cleaning now and then to keep it filtering properly while looking beautiful in your home.

We know that carpet cleaning in Denver isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. We offer a range of services to help keep your carpets and the rest of your home looking fresh and clean, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and stain removal. From the faux grass on your patio to the deep pile rug in your den or bedroom, we can do it all. Our services also include stain removal and cleaning for your fine upholstered furniture. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Denver Carpet Cleaner!

At Matty’s Carpet Cleaning, we use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to thoroughly clean your carpets, improving the indoor air quality of your home or business. While it is true that your carpet acts like a filter for dust, dirt, and odors, After a while, it needs assistance with keep the air in your home smelling fresh.

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Money Saving

Correct cleaning techniques that are appropriate for your type and style of carpet help preserve your flooring investment, and extend the life of your carpets. This saves you money and time, postponing carpet replacement, and perhaps even repairs to your underlayment and flooring. 

While you can sometimes DIY (do it yourself) carpet, upholstery, or drape cleaning, you can often save time, energy, and even money by letting a professional carpet cleaning service do it for you. We know the right amount of cleaner, the right kind of cleaner, the appropriate amount of water, and the best way to get your carpet dry in a timely manner. 

Too much moisture, the wrong kind of cleaner, or even a personal injury from moving furniture can make your DIY carpet cleaning more expensive than hiring professionals. 

When we take on a job, we always have both the appropriate care of your carpets and the best possible appearance of your home or office in mind. We are always glad to work with you on developing the best schedule for your carpet cleaning.

Good for Your Home Environment

Here at Matty’s Carpet cleaning in Denver, we know how important your family and pets are to you. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that not only do a good job of cleaning your carpets, but that are save for people and pets. More than that, appropriate carpet cleaning removes bacteria and allergens from your carpets making them a good place for puppies, kittens or babies to play. 

While allergic reactions to cleaning products can vary from person to person, we are always ready to work with you to make your home or business environment the best it can be. At the same time, we also understand the value of using cleaners that are overall environmentally friendly for the world at large. 

What we Offer!

  • Carpet cleaning: Hot water extraction is the perfect solution for yearly or periodic carpet cleaning. It is the best way to remove deeply ground in dirt or stains that occur simply from an area getting a lot of foot traffic. Our goal is to always use just enough moisture and cleaning solution to get the job done correctly, but not one bit more. We know that it is essential to use enough cleaning products to get the job done, but that using more simply prolongs the job without doing a better job.
  • Dry cleaning can take care of high traffic areas or stains that occur between regularly scheduled deep cleaning. Have a special event coming up and no time for a deep clean? We are happy to help. Just give us a call, and if at all possible, we’ll work you in.
  • Upholstery cleaning: We know that it is important for your furniture and drapes to look as good as your carpets. Our team is skilled at removing all sorts of stains, ranging from that spilled sippy cup full of grape juice to wine, cigarettes, and even pet “mistakes.” We always test for colorfastness before doing any kind of stain removal or cleaning procedure, so you can trust us with your most delicate cleaning chores. 
  • Commercial carpet cleaning: Own a business in the Denver area? We also do commercial carpet and furniture cleaning. We can help you keep your reception and other commercial areas looking their best . We know how important this can be for making your customers comfortable, and even for making your employees happy in their break room and work areas. 

Get your Carpets Cleaned

You can always expect fair, competitive pricing at Matty’s Carpet Cleaning. You can request individual services, such as a rug cleaning or a dry cleaning touch up before an important event. Or you can opt for a package deal that covers carpet, upholstery, and even drapes over a selected amount of time. 

Unsure of the service you want? Contact us to discuss a price quote or to book a service. We’ll do our best to tailor a package that works for you or your business. 

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Don't Take our word for it!

We are happy to share with you reviews from our customers. Take a look at what out customer’s have to say about our services. We work on the principle that the best kind of advertising is reports of a job well-done. 

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brian smith
brian smith
Excellent service from the first inquiry to the final cleaning. Matt was easy to work with and gave honest up front pricing. No baiting with “introductory” off that changes upon arrival. Had a few other companies quote way higher. We got our air ducts cleaned and it was crazy the garbage they pulled out of them. Lucas was our tech and he even showed us the debris he collected afterwards. You could hear it running through the hose! Our house smells great and way less dust a week in. If your looking for top notch service I highly recommend!
This was our last ditch effort to save our sectional from pet odor. The tech did an amazing job! Our couch not only smells wonderful but looks brand new! I’ll be calling this company out next month to do my upstairs carpets and my vent cleaning. Great job!
Shanna Gonzales
Shanna Gonzales
Lucas did a great job in such a short time! I was amazed at how cost effective their prices were compared to other times I’ve had my carpets cleaned. I will absolutely use them again in the future. Thank you Lucas and Marty’s team!
Richard Craft
Richard Craft
Great experience! I got one quote from another company for duct cleaning alone - over $1,000! Matty's price for BOTH duct and carpet cleaning was less than $350 for an excellent job. I was afraid the old carpet was stained beyond help, but Lucas made it look great! Both Matty and Lucas were responsive, friendly, and helpful. Lucas showed up when he said he would, called me when he was finished. Now I've booked Matty's for the carpet cleaning in the rental apartment I'm about to vacate.
Matty's Carpet Cleaning was fantastic. The pet stains and smells were terrible. Lucas, our technician sprayed every problem area with a pet enzyme spray to neutralize the smell, not mask the smell. Our carpet looks brand new and the whole house smells wonderful again. I will tell all my friends and family about Matty's Carpet Cleaning services. Thanks again for the great job!!! Colleen M. Thornton,Colorado
Lauren Griffin
Lauren Griffin
After my water tank blew and flooded the basement, Matt and Lucas helped me to get the carpet re-stretched and deep cleaned. I was considering doing it myself but I’m so glad I trusted the professionals. Not only did they have it done in under an hour, but the carpet is cleaner than it’s ever been! I will definitely be recommending them to everyone I know! (Before and after pictures)
Katie Brooksbank
Katie Brooksbank
Great company, great communication, and an efficient technician! Highly recommend.
Alan Est
Alan Est
Matty's Carpet came out and did a great job cleaning my rugs, furniture, and ducts. They were very professional and helped keep my pets happy during the process. I was very happy to get the ducts cleaned before the cold season. Dont want all that dust getting into my air.
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson
Matty's was on-time, professional, and efficient at cleaning my ducts, vents, and carpets. Matt explained exactly what he was doing and got right to work. He even gave me some advice on other household projects I'm working on myself. 100% recommend this company and will continue to use them in the future.
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