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What to Expect With Your Flooring Installation

When you hire a contractor to install new flooring in your home there are a few things that you can expect. Some things will depend on what type of flooring you’re having installed as well as whether this is a new build or an older home being refurbished. Most contractors will perform the following when they feel it is needed.

Moisture Test

If laying a floor over concrete it is important to perform a moisture test. This can take 24 hours. If your floor shows some build up of moisture they’ll have to treat the floor in a different way before laying the floor to rid the floor of extra moisture. 

Asbestos Test

If this is a remodel, or a refurbishing job, and your house was built or the floor was laid before 1980 then the contractor will need to perform an asbestos test. Asbestos is a material that is very dangerous and the dust up from normal floor installation can make people sick. If asbestos is found, professionals will have to come in and clean it up. This may change a lot about the work in terms of whether or not you can keep the old flooring and fix it, or whether you really need to completely replace it due to asbestos.


When you hire a professional contractor you have a right to expect a certain amount of workmanship. No matter what type of floors that are being installed you want them to do a good job, clean up their messes, and seek to eliminate dust build up as much as possible. You want the finished work to look completely finished and wonderful.

DIY Issues

If you are laying the floor yourself you may have overestimated your carpentry skills. Even the snap together laminate or wood flooring takes considerable skill. It’s made for do-it-yourselfers but you still need to know how to use a jigsaw and other equipment in order to do a good job. Expect to overestimate your ability and suffer some days of frustration due to that.

Hardwood Issues

Some people don’t realize this but if you are having hardwood floors laid, due to issues with different moisture levels the wood has to be stored for up to a week in the house, and in the very room that the flooring will be laid to let it get used to the new environment in terms of contracting and expanding. This might be an issue that you had not considered when you decided on hardwood flooring.


In most contract jobs it’s smart to expect a certain amount of delays due to issues behind your control. It might be due to weather, illness, or other factors. Ensure that your contractor always contacts you up front about any delays and gives you a reason. Make sure the contractor knows that without a phone call with explanation you expect contractors to arrive on the job site when stated.

Finally, expect to be ecstatic about the look of your new flooring and the boost it can bring to your entire home.


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